The Benefits of SWMS

31 Jul

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is considered to be a document that mainly outlines and highlights the high risk activities that are carried out during construction. It also outlines the hazards that may arise from the construction activities, and the measures that may be used so that these risks may be controlled and minimized.  These high risk activities based on construction are defined in the WHS Regulations. A SWMS may be prepared and used for the activities and works that are carried out on a regular basis. The simple and the complex activities may further be subdivided into a series of basic steps which will enable the supervisors and the workers to fully analyze each part of the construction activities for incidences and hazards tht may occur in the construction sites. The content can be refined and used over time. It may include consultation with the employees and the rest of the people who are committed to conduct the construction or the undertaking. This particular step may be made easier through the customizable and ready to use templates. The benefit of using a SWMS is that it has the ability to be reviewed and revised. This may be done to ensure that the SWMS applies to the high risk construction work and the actual construction site where the activities are being carried out. Click here for more details.

A person who is conducting a business undertaking and is carrying out any construction activities or projects that are risky is required to have the SWMS as dictated by the Work Health and Safety Regulation. The WHS Regulations dictate that an SWMS should be prepared before the project or the proposed construction active begins, the person who is conducting he project should make arrangements which are meant to ensure that the high risk construction is being carried out according to the requirements of the SWMS, the person should ensure that a copy of the SWMS has been given to the principal in charge of constructions before any construction activity begins, ensure that the document has been reviewed and revised if required, and that the person in charge of the construction has kept a copy of the SWMS document for themselves until the construction activities are through. As a result, the SWMS document will have assisted the supervisors and the workers to understand and integrate the requirements that have already been established to undertake the construction process. Get to know more from Occupational Safety Solutions.

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